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Crosswinds District Scouting units:

Just a few notes to make sure everyone is aware of recent updates in the
Eagle Boards of Review process:

1. All Eagle project plans are due on the 25th day of every month to be
guaranteed a seat in the next District Eagle Board of Review (DEBOR).

2. All Eagle final packages are due on the 25th day of every month to be
guaranteed a seat in the next DEBOR.

A good faith effort will be made for submissions after the 25th, but there
is NO GUARANTEED admissions for late efforts.

Board of review guidelines for Life Scouts 
(this should be read before getting started on anything) 
Sample Eagle Project  (An example of a properly completed project form)
Eagle project template / workbook (This is the one you will fill out and submit) 

BSA Guide to Advancement 2015 > The Eagle Scout Rank (Good overview of the national application process)

Eagle Scout Application (linked to BSA National Office Site) 

BSA has just released a new (revised) 2016 Eagle Scout Rank Application. (ESRA)  All Eagle candidates should now use this latest revision, when applying for the rank of Eagle Scout.  If you have a Life rank Scout, who used the previous version (2014), and that application has already been signed by unit leaders, we will accept it.  This includes the five applications we have for this Wednesday's review.

By February 25th, 2016, all ESRA should be the 2016 version.



(download and fill out completely when turning in your final project summary; a copy of your records should be attained from Troop Advancement Chair to make sure the dates match with what is on record at the council office.)

Scouts should be counseled to NEVER delete any information from these documents in the preparation and presentation of their Eagle project plans. Simply add to the forms and answer all requirements for every aspect of the project rubric. 

Additional Crosswinds guidelines linked below. Crosswinds Life Scouts coming to the District boards SHALL use the correct and most up-to-date forms as soon as soon as the forms are available. Deadlines for submission will be enforced so make sure your Scouts are getting their plans ready on time. 

Crosswinds District Eagle Scout Information



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